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Spellcrafting Your Own Hero’s Journey

Taking my popular Tarot for Writers course, I am tweaking it to include some magical steps. In a way, we are all on a continual hero’s journey of our own. We may not be Luke catching a ride off-planet on the Millennium Falcon or Rey discovering our own innate talents with a lightsaber. Still, we are unique individuals with gifts of our own. I have taught the hero’s journey as a way of crafting a book, but here we will tackle it from both sides plus examine how we can use Tarot in a magical way to enhance our own journey.

There are seventeen steps in the hero’s journey as laid out by Joseph Campbell in Hero With A Thousand Faces. I propose that we use Tarot and magic to determine where we are, so we can set intentions to get to the place we want to be. Not that where we are is so bad for some of us, but that we all want to “level up” in our personal lives. That reaching for the next place is a common theme. I use a thirteen step system rather than the full seventeen of Campbell

This course will contain seven vidoes plus pdf handouts. You are encouraged to think outside of the box. There will be ingredients for the spells but I use as many common items as I can. Most of the herbs can be found in your own kitchen pantry (or if you don’t cook, in your neighbor’s pantry. HA!) (EDITED726/2018 I streamlined the spells even more. You need chime candles, incense and paper!)

Come explore how to reimagine your own life. Let the Tarot co-create the person you know yourself to be. This isn’t a replacement for any modality. It is an additional tool to your toolbox of self-care. Who do you know yourself to be? How can Tarot help you express that? Come find out with Arwen Lynch-Poe, the Professional Joy Seeker.

Bonus Lesson: You will also have my Hero’s Journey spread to help you in finishing that damned book too. So takeaway magical practicalities for yourself as well as how-to’s for your fictional characters.

What's covered:

What is the Hero’s Journey? Is it a straight line?

Identifying and Leaving Your Ordinary World (in five acts)

  • Ordinary World: What is is. What itches. What can be done.
  • Call To Adventure: The scary bits
  • The Refusal: The donkey moment
  • The Mentor: Guides, teachers, and generally annoying people
  • The Threshold: Why you can never go back

The Special World: Figuring out the next step and who will help or hinder (in four acts)

  • Tests, Enemies, and Allies
  • Approach to the Inmost Cave
  • Ordeal
  • Reward

The Ordinary World Reshaped: How Things Have Changed and Now What

  • The Road Back
  • Resurrection
  • The Elixir


  • Things we need to think about.

What you will get:

Video Lessons

A clear sense of self


You will need:

An open mind

A williness to explore self

A Tarot deck (You can also use an oracle if you prefer)

An open mind

Something to write with

Something to write in

A sense of adventure



Author, psychic, wife, ruiner of cats, petter of dogs, Arwen is best known as the Professional Joy Seeker. You might also know her as the author of the Fairy Tale Lenormand, the Secrets of the Mystic Grove oracle, or the book 33 Days to Finish Your Book. She live in New Mexico where she specializes in turning standoffish cats into lap cats (her husband prefers them standoffish so he proclaimed her Ruiner of Cats.) As a wearer of many hats, Arwen run her own business, manages her household, maintains a YouTube presence, and is the publisher/editor-in-chief of The Cartomancer magazine.

Her teaching method includes exercises that allow you to get some hands-on experience. When you take a course with Arwen, you can expect to have fun while you learn. You can also expect homework, handouts, and videos. Questions are not just welcomed, they are gleefully expected. The only stupid question is the unasked one, right?️




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