Are you ready to unlock your magic?

People have been using oracles for thousands of years to help them steer their course through life.

Oracles provide one of the keys we can use to help us unlock our own unique, magical self and map our path forwards.

Tea Break Tarot School offers tools to help you unlock your magic with tarot & oracles.

Check details of forthcoming workshops, explore the shop and find out more with the Tea Break Tarot School blog.

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Monthly memberships with rewards including new oracle spreads, workshops and monthly live readings.

Memberships start at £2/mo


Offering charm oracles, card decks, books, workshops, readings and more. Explore the shop here.

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For tarot and divination of all kinds. Share your love of all things oracles and meet others on the path. An inclusive group with all spiritual paths welcome.

“Divination is a means of telling ourselves what we already know.”

Joanne Harris

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”