Welcome to Tea Break Tarot School!

Come in, make yourself at home in this wee, magical corner of the interwebs.

I set up this tarot class in 2019 to provide students with everything needed to begin their tarot journey.

Grab yourself a tarot deck, a notebook, pen and, the essential ingredient a cup of tea (or coffee).

There are posts covering how to work with tarot, explorations of all 78 cards, as well as information on how to read with them for yourself and others. You’ll also find information here on other forms of divination and oracle reading.

To find a post on any of the cards use the search function above to navigate, and if you have any questions you can find me on IG and Facebook @globalvillagewitch.

If you would like to learn tarot with others you can find the Tea Break Tarot Facebook group here, and there are readings and videos on working with oracles on my channel here.

News for May 2022: I’m starting a free video series in the group (linked above) in June to run through all lessons in bite-sized chunks. Come and join the group or drop me an email on globalvillagewitchmail@gmail.com to find out more 🙂

For more check out the Link in Bio page.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you as you unlock your tarot magic.

Fiona Beth xx