Lesson 1 – Welcome


Hello and welcome, I’m glad you’re joining me for this journey into tarot.  This tarot school will take place in ten-minute lessons.  Teaching and practicals are aimed to take no more than ten minutes a day so that you can get your tarot study in during your tea-break, on the bus or train, while the pasta is cooking or even in the bath.

Boil the kettle, make a brew…School is now in session.

This first lesson will cover some basics for our learning journey (claps hands excitedly, smiles, turns to chalkboard).


First some introductions. Hi, My name is Fiona and I’ll be your tarot study buddy for this course.  I live in Kent in South East England, I have two grown-up sons, a teenage stepdaughter and four cats.  I have at various times worked as a carer, teacher, retail assistant, reflexologist and gardener.  I’m a self-initiated priestess. I love nature, books and being by the sea.  I also love tarot and want to share that love with the world (that’s you *winks). Say hi below or drop in to my Facebook page, I’d love to meet you.

Next, what you will need.  The main thing is a real live actual tarot deck.  You will find there are a lot available!  I work with the Rider-Waite Smith system so an RWS deck will be helpful.  You can get hold of the Radiant Rider Waite for instance, this is the deck I first learned with.  Other options which I work with regularly and find accessible are The Gaian Tarot or The Everyday Witch Tarot.  The choice is entirely yours however, pick a deck which you like, which calls to you, use the force and trust your feelings.

You will also find a notebook and something to write with useful (coloured pens are highly recommended) so you can jot down your thoughts and inspirations as they occur.  This is very much your learning and your journey with tarot so your own ideas are going to be key.

If you’re anything like me you’ll also like books.  I could give you a whole list but for now we’ll start with just one recommended text, Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning.  Books will always be optional.


That about sums it up for today’s lesson, when you’ve got your tools watch this space for Lesson 2.  Before you go though, today’s practical.

Exercise 1: 

What are your tarot goals?  Do you want to have worked out your meanings for the Major cards in the next sixth months?  Be able to pull a daily card?  Have the skills and confidence to read at your friend’s birthday party?  Reflect on what you’d like to get out of your time in this class and set yourself three wishes.  Write them down.  Surround them with doodles and, if you have any, glitter!  This is it’s own kind of magic.



2 responses to “Lesson 1 – Welcome”

  1. i just (5/2022) bought your book for this course on Amazon USA. however, i’ve decided to read your posts here first.


    1. Thanks Jojo, hope you enjoy the blog and book. X


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