Lesson 4 – The Fool’s Journey

Hello and welcome back.  How’s it going?  Let’s review the journey so far: you have your cards, you’ve decided on your rituals and you’ve had a chance to connect with and “interview” your deck.  We’ve also touched on a brief overview of tarot including the Major and Minor Arcana.

the fool edwt

Today we’re going to dive a little deeper into the Major Arcana.  The Major Arcana is traditionally seen as telling the story of the Fool’s journey (the card above shows the Everyday Witch Tarot version).  The Fool represents the querent (that’s you or me, or the person we’re reading for).  The cards show the journey through one cycle of life from new beginnings through archetypal figures which guide and influence us, into relationships, life changes and challenges and the transformations that these bring within us.  The journey culminates with The World a card of completion, the closing of the circle.


My input on this is going to be limited because I want you to get hands-on.  If we had a physical classroom you’d be doing this in groups and there’d be a deal of laughter and conversation going on. In the absence of that please imagine that spirit of cooperation and shared learning.  I’ve created a Facebook group for “classroom” chats and sharing, please come and say hello and share what you’re discovering.

Exercise 4

First, you’re going to pick all the major cards out of your deck.  Have a look at them one at a time and then set them out, try three rows of seven.

Next, you’re going to tell yourself (out loud if at all possible) the story of the fool’s journey.  For instance it might go something like, “One day Wilma the Witch was feeling happy, life was full of possibility as she prepared to set out on her new broom.  As she swooped and swished around the forest she came across a Magician..” it doesn’t have to be fancy, or serious.  Tarot is a wonderful tool and can bring huge shifts in personal growth and offer divine insights.  But it should also be fun.  Keep that lightness.  Play is an excellent space in which to create and learn.

Now see if you can see if you recognise any of the cards as things you’ve experienced in your own life.  For instance The Tower, to me, stands for those completely out-of-the-blue blindside experiences that turn life on it’s head,from the niggling daily like the burst pipe or the sick pet, to the health issue which leads to a complete change of life path…

Jot down any revelations, and come and share your findings in the group 🙂

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