Lesson 7 – Get Creative

No class today; no input from me at any rate!

Exercise 7.

Use your time today to play with your cards.  Grab some friends a create a three dimensional freeze of the Three of Cups or the Six of Wands.  Pick three cards at random and make up a story about what is going on.   Choose a card and write a poem about it.


If you have longer you might want to draw, paint or collage your version of a card, or embody it’s energy e.g. do some gardening (Seven of Pentacles) or practice and refine a hobby or work skills (Seven of Wands).

Take today (and as many other days as you need) to allow the work you’ve done so far to filter through, to coalesce.  As your friendship with your cards deepens you will begin to get a “feeling” or “sense” of them which permeates into the rest of life. Have fun!


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