Lesson 11 – The High Priestess

Welcome, make yourself comfortable, it’s good to see you.  Remember this is a self-paced course and lessons are aimed to take no longer than it takes to drink a cup of tea.  There is no time limit, no deadlines.  Take the journey at your own pace, enjoy the scenery, allow it to unfold in its own time.


[Image: The Morgan-Greer Tarot]

Today…The High Priestess. I love this card.  She is beautiful, composed, serene.  She looks at you with complete certainty, a look that goes straight to the heart, the soul’s centre.  For me The High Priestess is about the sacred feminine, about deep wisdom and inner knowing. This is a card of challenge and calling. Sitting as the guardian between the conscious and the unconscious, a wisdom keeper, wise woman, seer, prophetess.  Queen Esther, the Prophetess Miriam, Mary Magdalene.  There are women in modern times who embody this for me too, the poet Mary Oliver was one of these.

When I turn this card in a reading it’s time to explore my intuitive skills, to listen for that “inner voice” and follow its promptings, to use cards or runes or crystals for some divination, to meditate, and listen.  It is also a reminder that the answers are already here, I just need to be quiet enough and be open enough to let them in.


[Image: The Wayfarer Tarot]


Exercise 11:

Remember this is your path, my comments are just by way of a sign post.  None of what I see or say may reflect in your own experience.  Use your notes for your own thoughts and ideas and as an ever-evolving companion in your tarot journey.

When I look at these cards the thoughts which come to mind are:

Stillness, composure, wisdom keeper (often holding a scroll), the moon, intuition, transition, gateway, initiation, balance of light/ dark, conscious/ unconscious, challenge


Poised between shadow and light, known and unknown, calling to the soul’s deep, holding the space with wisdom’s grace, guarding the gateway to the labyrinth of your own initiation.

Journal questions:

  • How do I connect with my intuition/ inner wisdom?
  • How confident am I to act on this guidance?
  • How do I get quiet enough to “listen”?
  • Who in my life experience embodies this High Priestess energy?
  • How/ where do I embody this?


[Image: The Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot]

[Decks used for today: The Morgan-Greer Tarot, The Gaian Tarot, The Wayfarer Tarot, The Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot, The Sun and Moon Tarot]

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