Lesson 12 – The Empress

Morning class.  How’s it going?  How did you get on with The High Priestess?  I like to imagine that I’m spending time with these people on the cards.  What do they feel like?  I feel better when I’ve spent time with the High Priestess, but also a little bit unsettled, I can’t hide anything from her!

Today we are looking at another powerful female archetype, The Empress.


[Image: The Wayfarer Tarot]

For me this is a card of the good mother.  It asks me to trust in the provision of the universe and also calls to my inner creatrix.

The words which arise when I look at his card:

  • nature/ natural
  • mother
  • abundance
  • harvest
  • cornucopia
  • flourishing
  • Thriving
  • pregnant (with possibility…)
  • creatrix
  • power with
  • graceful
  • tender
  • gentle
  • strong
  • nourishment


Provider, protector,  nurturing presence. She who nourishes, abundant, strong.  Power of nature, creative force, universal mother; my rock, my roots, my safe and sure homecoming.


[Image: The Green Witch Tarot]

Exercise 12

Take your card/s.  Set it down in front of you.  Give yourself one minute to soak it in.

  • What colours do you notice on your card?
  • Are there any symbols?
  • Does anything jump into your mind, a memory, an emotion, a word?
  • If this woman/ person was talking to you right now what would she say to you? 

[Today’s decks were Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot, The Gaian Tarot, The Green Witch Tarot, The Textured Tarot, The Wayfarer Tarot, The Wildwood Tarot]


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