Lesson 17 – The Chariot

Hey there lovely tarot types.  How are you doing today?  I hope today will bring you some sunshine in one form or another wherever and whenever you are.

Let’s begin.

Sit on your chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Breathe and imagine that breath making its way down your spine and into your seat, anchoring you in place.  Breath out.  Breath in again, securing yourself in place.  As you breathe allow the distractions of the day to drift away from you for a few moments.  Rest in this space for a while.

red car

I have been noticing an increasing number of synchronicities as I work with these cards.  Today I have a job interview.  Which to me reflects the energy of The Chariot.  For me this card is about taking control and having the skills to do so.  Life throws us curve balls on a regular basis, this card is about reaching into our tool kit and finding the resources to face them down and steer a course ahead.

My cards show a range of images, from the mermaid steering dolphins in Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot to the man in a canoe in The Gaian Tarot; the Battle Wagon of the Green Witch Tarot or the flying carpet in the Accurate AF Tarot.  They all have a sense of movement, control, travel, decision, will.  The figures, where figures appear are purposeful, determined, some crowned with laurels for success.  I find a lot of tarot cards speak to my inner life and work, but this to me is a card for the externals, for bringing forth, through effort, a piece of work.


Exercise 17

After you’ve recorded your key words and phrases sit back and imagine your life as a movie.

It’s one of those scenes where you’ve faced adversity,  maybe you’re in an office surrounded by chaos, or sitting on the sofa with a tub of ice cream after one challenge too many.  Suddenly the music in the soundtrack changes.  You look up, an idea written all over your face.  A montage follows as you take back control of your life, clearing out old cupboards, gathering uneeded possessions, dragging them off to goodwill, cleaning windows, painting a sign, sharing your venture with others…you get the idea.

Your task is to find your song for this montage, and play it loud today.  Drop by the group to share your song…  This is mine…

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