Lesson 20 – The Wheel of Fortune

Morning and hello, how’s things in your neck of the universe?


I am getting to noticing something which feels unusual on one level, but on another, totally to be expected.  I’m working with the cards in a new way.  Taking one each day, spending some time with it, pondering.  Increasingly the cards are becoming a mirror to events, or events are becoming a mirror of the cards, I wonder if you’re finding this too?


This card for me is a “that’s life” kind of a card.  Sometimes the ball is in our court, sometimes it just isn’t.  And that’s ok.  We often grow up with the feeling that we are always meant to be on top.  That we are to be top of the class or in a “good mood” or always positive and striving forwards.  The natural world doesn’t work that way, and I don’t believe we are meant to either.  Life is ebb and flow, fullness and emptiness, birth and death, cycles of growth, harvest, fading and then renewal.  All of this sits in this card.

This and the wheel of the year, which itself, at least in temperate climates, reminds us of the same pattern.

My favourite deck for this card is The Everyday Witch Tarot.  A cheeky witch stands by a game-style wheel, ready to spin, as though asking, well, what’s it going to be for you today?  For me, it’s a card of releasing control, waiting and seeing, accepting ups and downs, life’s rollercoaster.  And knowing that each one is ok.


Exercise 20

  • Jot down your key words and phrases… if you have time maybe try some of the activities below…
  • Can you map your own wheel of the year? For your area and location? For your own family or tribe? Where are the full times and the spaces? Where are the “hot spots” and where the shady places to find a bit of peace?
  • Can you do this for your life, drawing a squiggly line across the page to show your highs and lows?
  • If you can go to the ocean and watch the tide as it washes the shore, or to a river and watch as it flows past, always shifting: take one small pebble as a reminder.


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