Lesson 21 – Justice

We’re coming to a challenging series of cards.  At this point the archtypes we met in the first part of the Major Arcana are replaced by cards representing in some ways states of being or experiences which lead us into growth.


This is a card I find difficult.  I am a liberal thinker.  I took Ethics in my A Level studies and one of the aspects which drove me crazy was always being able to see the other perspective.  I would mostly think one thing was right, but then…on the other hand.

Two of my cards show black and white cats, suggesting an either/ or kind of justice, bad/ good, right/ wrong, dualism, polarity.  Often it’s more complicated than that, there are grey areas, we have to find a best fit. Then there is justice within our legal systems, and more global notions of morality, where do they intersect?

I am struck too by the sword and the blindfold.  The sword reminds me of Solomon and his threat to bi-sect the babies.  Justice can be described as “rough” where it’s violent.   In The EveryDay Witch Justice is peeping out from under her blindfold.  I am not sure I want “blind” Justice.  I’d rather feel that I’d been seen and understood.  In The Gaian Tarot there is  a global perspective with images of non-human animals, as though calling me to consider that justice needs to be considered for all life on earth.  For me increasingly I am reminded of the threefold law; the belief that what I put out into the world will return to me three-fold…something to think about.


Exercise 21

Look at your card(s), use your guidebook if needed to see different perspectives:

  • What does your card show of the idea of “Justice”?
  • Looking at the images on this page what do they say to you about justice?
  • If you turned this card up in a reading today, for yourself, what would it mean to you?
  • If this card was a fabric what would it feel like?  Comforting, rough, rigid, smooth?
  • Is justice the same as fairness? (I don’t know the answer to this one, I’m just wondering…)
  • If you can write down what this card means for you.


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