Lesson 22 – The Hanged Man

What is it like to let go?


What does it feel like to surrender, not as a victim, as an act of power, a choice?

Let’s get immersive.

Exercise 22

Find yourself a quiet space.  Sit, or lie down.

Listen to this.

As you do so clench your fists and then open them, consciously letting go;

  • of stress
  • of obligation
  • of the need to know
  • of arguments
  • of emotional pain
  • of old stories
  • of “doing”

The key is in your hand.


You might also like to take a pot of bubbles outside into nature and send them away with your good wishes.  Set them free.

This post talks about this too.

Come and share a picture of your bubbles (if you can catch them!)

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