Lesson 24 – Temperance

This has the feel of something vintage, a concept that’s considered outdated.  The temperance movement came to be about “not doing”, something strident, and angry, prohition. Thou shalt not.  We often shy away from such absolutes in more modern and liberal times.


Look at your card; what do you notice?

I see:

  • cups
  • liquid
  • snakes entwined – one black and one red
  • a bubbling cauldron
  • a witch holding a carrot in one hand and a cupcake in the other

A card of balance, of both/ and, moving away from duality, flow, equilibrium.


Exercise 24

  • After you’ve noted any observations from your card spend some time with water.
  • Water seems to be key to this card, flow which allows balance to be restored or achieved.
  • If you can get to a natural water source go and visit; the sea, a river or stream, a lake.  Spend some time watching the water.  Or take a pause next time it rains wher eyou are to notice what happens to water in gutters and running across pavements.
  • Play with water for a while. Enact the card. Pour it from one vessel to another.
  • What would it feel like in your body to have this kind of flowing balance?  What changes might you need to make to lifestyle? Diet? Work practices?


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