Lesson 26 – The Tower

Today you walk into class and there are an assortment of blocks and Jenga sets on tables.  You’re going to get to work on these. See how high your tower can get, as tall as you? Or in Jenga, taking the pieces out so carefully.  It’s all going so well…


The Tower comes to pull the rug out from under our feet.  My cards show a tower, usually crumbling, lightning struck, falling figures, the world turned on its head.  Cataclysmic.

This is the feeling of being turned upside down.  You were happily making your way through life, you had plans, sudden, unexpected change…the sudden lossof  a job, a health issue, the departing spouse…

What to do when The Tower comes in to play?  Likely when you turn this card over in a reading you will know exactly what it’s referring to.


Exercise 26

  • Note your response to your card.  If you can journal on any “Tower” experiences.
  • If you’re in one of these times engage with radical self-care.  This is the only way, I feel, to handle this kind of energy.
  • I’m not talking about bubble baths and candy bars.
  • I am talking about retreat.  Early nights.  Closing off toxic relationships and activities which drain. Set your protective edges in place, pull up the drawbridge and allow yourself the space and time to heal.  You can’t power through at this stage, you’ve got to allow the shock and grief to pass before you get to that stage… allow it.
  • Be gentle with yourself; be kind.
  • And then for a while longer…


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