Lesson 27 – The Star

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Excitement in the classroom today.  We have a guest speaker.  Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to our tarot class (drum roll…) The Star.

She enters slowly, graceful, her movements flowing like water. Coming to stand at the front of the class she looks around.  Her gaze is steady. She holds your eyes for a moment and you feel yourself momentarily falling, as if into infinity.  Her dress is long, deepest blue silk, and moves like water, clinging to her figure sensuously.  She is crowned with a circle of pure, white light.

When she speaks it is as though her voice comes from inside our heads, as though she speaks within us as well as from outside.

Time to rest awhile.  The journey has been long and hard, I can see the scars you’re carrying.  I offer water for bathing and refreshment.  Drink deeply from this pool.  All will be well.  You are blessed in ways you cannot imagine, this magic unfolds in its own time.  Here with me you are safe. 


She asks you to rest your head on the desk and travel with her, in imagination, to a woodland glade.  It is night and the stars shine a brilliant burnished silver above you.  The air is cool, but not uncomfortable.

She encourages you to sit on the mossy bank of a pool.  It is deep and clear, the stars reflecting from its surface.  She offers you a cup.  You scoop water from the pool and drink deeply, feeling it soak into your cells and your soul, cleansing and nourishing.  Next you peel away your Tower dusted clothes and dip into the pool.  The shock of the cold passes quickly and the effort of the last few cards, the loss and striving, the unexpected turmoil, fades away.  You emerge refreshed, ready for the journey ahead..  There is time to rest by the pool and hear the stars sing a song of healing and peace with crystal voices.

Come back to the present.  Thank The Star for her visit, if you want you can ask her any questions you have before she leaves.

Exercise 27

  • Note down any responses or noticings to your meeting with the star.
  • Repeat the woodland pool meditation as often as you need.
  • If you can see them where you are, go stargazing.  Lie on your back on the earth and look up, feel yourself falling into the universe.
  • Know that you are held by the great mother, and that the magic and blessing, the coming up roses goodness of the star card is always with you.



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