Lesson 28 – The Moon

Class takes place at night today.  We’re going on a field trip.  Grab a torch, your backpack, a friend.  Out of the school and into the forest.  The shadows shift and waiver between the trees, dreams, half-glimpsed imaginings.  Above us, glimpsed between the leaves, shines the moon’s silver globe.


We’re going to sit in this clearing. Pull up a log, or a giant, fairy toadstool, get comfy and get out your cards.  What do you see?

I have the moon (!), sometimes in phases, a woman, an owl, water, a lake or the ocean, a wolf or a dog, a lobster, shadows…

I had a reading once which suggested this was a card of confusion.  I can see what was meant, in that the moonlight is less clear than the sun’s.  But for me this is really all about the unconscious and our shadow life.  The things we keep hidden, often the things we don’t even know are there within us.

I used to think shadow work was about dealing with the hard stuff, the old patterns, the less appealing traits and characteristics I have.  It was something I had to do (like a discipline) but not something joyful.  I would face my shadows, bring them into the light heal them and then, voila, all better.  This is part of the story.

Then someone pointed out that without shadow there is no light. Light cannot exist without shadow. And I began to view it differently, it’s a part of me, not something to be expunged, something to be accepted (not there yet btw), to help me grow, a teacher.

I also learned that sometimes my shadow is something really good.  It’s something so amanzing I am scared to let it out into the  daylight.  It is strong and wild and creative and passionate and it could blow my tame life out of the water and set the world ablaze.

This is something I’m working with…how to release this powerful energy and not explode myself in the process (joking, not joking).


Exercise 28

Remember these are just suggestions, take what helps, leave the rest…

  • Make shadow shapes on the wall, see how your hand is transformed into a creature or fantastical being…
  • Try moonbathing
  • Follow the moon for one cycle, you can find details of her phases here
  • Try tracking your energy using a moon calendar
  • Write a letter to your shadow self, invite him/her for a cup of tea, start the journey to getting acquainted…
  • Come and drop into the Facebook group to share your journey if you’d like to


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