Lesson 29 – The Sun

Can you feel it?

That energy of pure joy.



This card is pure magic.  It is itself and that is all. Sunshine, sunflowers, people celebrating, dancing, freedom, radiance.

You are blessed, dear one.

You are a blessing.


I will post some sun cards for reference to your own in the group and on Instagram.

Exercise 29

I’m aware that as this class develops these practices are evolving too.  These are ideas, suggestions, please pick one or two that resonate to weave into your days and allow them to nourish you…

  • Next time the sun shines sit for one minute and allow it to wash through you.
  • When the time comes plant sunflowers 🙂
  • Dance, like no-one is watching, or like everyone is watching!
  • Find something to celebrate today, your morning coffee, a friendship, a kind word. Be the cause of celebration in someone else’s life.
  • Begin a practice of gratitude, daily thankfulness to bring sunshine into dark days.

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