Lesson 30 – Judgement


I have many names among my decks for this card: judgement, realisation, awakening, harvest.  There are images of sunrise, a dove, angels, abundance, neolithic tombs, divine beings, corridors.  There is a sense of being asked to wake up and smell the karma. To open our inner eyes and face our own truths.

Exercise 30

  • Make your usual notes, thoughts, key words, no more than 5 minutes of “first impressions.”
  • How does the sensation of “realisation” feel in your body, for me it is like someone opening a window in my mind and letting in fresh air; a sudden cool, clear blast which shakes me from my stupor and rattles me into a new phase…can you locate this feeling?
  • A selection of links below to poetry and music which captures the spirit of “waking up”, give yourself time to allow these to permeate:


The Journey

Wild Geese

The Invitation

If you have a poem, piece of music or art which speaks of this sense of waking up feel free to come and share it in the group.

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