Lesson 31 – The World


It’s that end of the term feeling.  Everyone’s completed all their assignments, the class is tidy, there’s a holiday atmosphere, relaxed.  People are laughing, celebrating achievements, sharing memories, enjoying each other’s company.  Someone brought cupcakes and, of course, there’s tea to pour and share. There’ll be other classes, a new semster, but for now it’s time to take a step back and rest in this moment of completion.


This is the energy of this card, for me. The sense of fulfilment that comes with the end of a project, or a journey.  The sense of accomplishment; and the gratitude and relief too.

Most of my cards have a circle in some form, the world itself, a wreath of green flowers, a circle of flames.  This reminds me that when one cycle closes, another is ready to begin.  After this moment of wholeness the Fool steps out afresh into another phase of learning and discovery.  The wheel turns.

Exercise 31

  • Take a moment to review your journey through the Major cards…
  • What has been the most enjoyable card for you at this time?
  • Which the most challenging?
  • Can you see how your birth card plays out in your life?
  • If the Major cards were a mirror of your life in this moment, which ones would be in play?
  • What have you accomplished? It can be simple, preparing a meal, getting out of bed (somedays that’s enough…), finishing a book or project, closing one way of living and beginnning anew… take a moment to celebrate your achievements, the last week, month, year, decade.  I am cheering you, waving flags, popping streamers,  you rock!  Come and share your celebrations.
  • Take a deep breath….the journey continues…


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