Lesson 32 – Pentacles and Earth

Hello and welcome once again.   I hope you’re excited for this journey through the minor cards.

To begin I want to set the tone for each suit with a little elemental connection.  I posted about the elements in Lesson 5 and you can revisit that first for background if that’s helpful.

Our first suit will be the Pentacles.  In some decks the pentacles are known as coins or discs.  The Pentacles to me are the suit of material things: health, wealth, work.  They are the suit of the day to day realities of life and the ups and downs we face in these areas, as well as guidance for how to deal with these ordinary situations.  I see the Pentacles as the suit of business, home, DIY and the practical aspects of study.  Pentacles have the elemental connection to earth and the direction of North.

Below are a few ideas of ways to work with the element of earth while we consider the Pentacles.


Exercise 32

  • While we’re working through this part of the deck you might like to dedicate a corner of a windowsill, shelf or your altar to this element.  Perhaps a few stones, or crystals, a small plant or some flowers, a snail shell; anything which feels right for you.  You might like to print out an image of a goddess such as Gaia who resonates with earth, or of a special place such as Newgrange or Stonehenge. If you can please share a picture of your altar space in the group
  • You might also want to experiment with connecting to the element earth in practical ways.  Dig in your garden or plant some pots with seeds for a window box or windowsill.


  • Stand barefoot on the ground and feel the earth energy.  Sit on the grass for a while, allow yourself to let go of conscious thought, become a part of the world and see if you can feel the pulse of the earth beneath you.
  • Take a deep breath before the next part of the journey begins.

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