Lesson 33 – Ace of Pentacles

Class takes place in the greenhouse today, you’re keen to see what’s happening with the seeds you were sowing a few weeks ago.  It’s warm under the glass, even though the spring weather outside in Britain is still tending to coolness.  On the wooden benches are trays filled with small pots.  Each one holds I tiny, twin-leafed plant, just emerging.  In some the seeds are close to the surface, and you can see the split in the seed case and the shoot emerging.  This is the miracle of growth.


This unfurling is the essence for me of the Ace of Pentacles.  My favourite decks hold these images, seeds emerging, roots delving deep for nourishment, an uncurling fern frond, a fawn resting in sunlight.

It begins now, this new opening, this new cycle,  the first shoots are appearing, the fuse paper already lit, there is no going back, only on.  Excitement.  Anticipation.  Trepidation. What if it doesn’t work?  But once planted, once set in motion the seed has a life of its own.  See what grows…

Exercise 33

In the spirit of a little sympathetic magic, and if it’s the right time where you are, plant some seeds.  Tend and watch them as they grow.  I would love to see your pictures in the Facebook group.


Ponder what an Ace of Pentacles moment looks like for you…is there one around you now?  A new job, a health decision, planning a family, plans around financial management or a new home.  A fresh course of study?  What does it feel like when you are in that space?

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