Lesson 35 – Three of Pentacles

Today you’re going to be working in groups.  I give each group a challenge, perhaps to build a bridge from only newspapers, or to complete a Lego model without the instructions, just the final picture.  In the witchy corner I might ask you to create a crystal grid for help with a specific condition health condition, or a card spread to answer a specific question.


The spirit of this card feels to me like team work, collaboration, learning from others, initiation, apprenticeship, creativity.  My cards show a woman rooted in earth, growing between standing stones,  a young stone mason at work, showing his work to two elders who have the design in their hands, three women working together with herbs over a stove, a young man receiving a harp from an elder druid in the centre of a stone circle.


I am reminded of days last summer when we were all at work in the garden, three generations, each playing a part, collaborating with a common goal.  Or working with a friend on an offering for a circle.  The sense of companionship, of a creative effort achieved together, where the group becomes much more than the sum of its parts.

Exercise 35

  • Observe your cards, what images present themselves, where do you see echoes of this in your own life experience?
  • What does initiation mean to you?  What does it feel like to be initated?  How do you know when you have been?
  • What are your learning?
  • How do you work within a team, what do you bring – leadership, reflection, practical gifts, resources, creative thinking?
  • If you haven’t already explore the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs to see what they can teach you about your ways of working with others.  Remember these are tools towards self-understanding, not a label maker which defines you; you are always, and will always be, beautifully beyond definition.


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