Lesson 36 – The Four of Pentacles

My cards vary here, picking up on different possibilities within this card.  There’s a woman holding a basket of apples she has just picked, a squirrel collecting acorns, a man seated on a strong chest, which is padlocked, holding tightly to four huge, golden pentacles (which I imagine are coins).


The earth-based images remind me of the bounty of harvest and storing up for the winter, and the figure on his chest reminds me of the energy of holding on too tightly.

Did you ever come across the Bible story about the talents?  The master gives his servants different amounts of money and tells them to use it wisely.  Two of them take the money off and invest it so that it grows, but the third hides it, buries it in the ground, and has only that one coin to return to his master at the end of the story.  This is the four of pentacles.  I might not get anymore so I better hide it to keep it safe.


We could of course extend the metaphor, not just money, or possessions, our gifts, the unique offerings we bring to the world.  If you are the guy on the chest, what is it you are protecting with such determination?  What is in that box that you don’t want to lose or share?  What is holding you back?

I feel that this card speaks to me about flow, and the willingness to trust that there will be enough without having to lock everything up in a big, strong box and sit on it looking fed up…  I have all kinds of issues (maybe you do too) around scarcity.  I have had a tendency to hold on tightly to what I have.

But a closed fist, holding on, is not open to receive either. 


Exercise 36

Some ideas for working with the Four of Pentacles:

  • Save up pennies in a jam jar, hoard them carefully, watch the jar slowly fill.  Give the proceeds to charity.
  • Look for a charity you can support regularly (this organisation is a good place to start) begin with a small sum like £1 a month.
  • Host a bring and share lunch or supper, share bounty with one another.
  • Take part in an energy exchange (I love energy exchanges – come and find me on the social media and we’ll set something up!)
  • Accept compliments, say thank you, smile inwardly (and outwardly).
  • Practice receiving without reciprocation (this feels so odd).
  • List your “gifts” – good listener, creative, excellent poker player etc.  is there something buried at the bottom of your metaphorical chest that you are scared to bring out, can you unearth it and say hello?


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