Lesson 38 – Five of Pentacles

I am really reluctant to talk about this card; literally squirming in my seat.  There are a few cards which I turn and think, oh boy.  Realistically I usually know it when I see it but it’s still unsettling.

Are you sitting comfortably (or uncomfortably)?


This is, for me, a card about the tough times.  Not emotionally tough so much (that might be the three of swords, or five of cups), just tough.  Poor health, a redundancy, losing your home, a business collapsing, financial challenges.

These are the times you want to go to your blanket-fort and eat chocolate and wish it would all go away.


The images on my cards:

  • A rose losing it’s petals (The Wild Unknown)
  • A figure stopped over, head in hands (The Textured)
  • A small child tending a fire by a cave (The Wildwood)
  • Two dwarves facing Mirkwood (The Hobbit)
  • A woman in ragged clothing sitting alone with her back to a stone circle, from which fire light glows (The Green Witch)
  • Two figures, one on crutches, in rags walking through the snow past a building (a church? The Rider-Waite)
  • A man and woman carrying heaving rocks through rain (The Wanderer)
  • A figure curled up in a forest, within a shelter made of branches, in a storm (The Gaian)

All these images speak of hardship, usually material hardship, or of exclusion, standing outside the place of light and warmth.  They also speak, to me in any case, of endurance, and this is the keyword on the Wildwood Tarot card.  Batton down the hatches.  Pull up the drawbridge, count the rations out carefully.  The storm will pass, but it’s not over yet…

Exercise 38

  • Recall a time in your life (I know there will have been at least one) when you faced the energy of the Five of Pentacles…how did you get through?
  • If you pulled this card for a friend, what would you say in your reading?

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