Lesson 40 – Seven of Pentacles

Mini-class celebration today, I brought donuts, lesson 40 (mini, slightly  awkward celebratory dance.  This is a good time to invite you into the Facebook group if you’d like to come and join us, I’d love to hear about your tarot path and practice.



Today I’m trying a different approach.  Usually I’d get out several versions of a card when I’m writing a post, and pull them together to give me an overview of the different perspectives on it.

Today I will just sit with one.  I’m using the Gaian Tarot Seven of Earth.

A woman, in her middle years, kneels in a forest.  She is planting a sapling, holding the root ball tenderly as she prepares to lower it into the hole she has dug.


My first impression is the look of focus and love on her face.  The second the tolls beside her.  Her place, kneeling, connected to the earth.  The devotion to the task.  In the background there are mature trees, roots exposed.  She is planting for future generations, she will not live to see the trees she is planting grow to maturity.

She looks so peaceful, happy, in flow.   This is the feeling I crave in the bustle of the daily.

What would she tell me; do one thing well, plan ahead, be prepared to play the long game, don’t be afraid to kneel in the mud to tend your future dreams, be ready to imagine the world without you in it, what do you want to leave for future humans and other animals? Be prepared to take your place in the family of things.


Exercise 40

See if you can find a piece of nature to tend: a window box, a bird-feeder, a flower bed or piece of ground to tend.

If you don’t already think about working with the wheel of the year(this link for the northern half of the globe and this one for the southern) gaining a sense of the year’s ebb and flow and the cycles of growth and decay where you are.

Journal prompts today:

  • Where am I planting and tending dreams and plans?
  • What in life requires the “long game” for me?


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