Lesson 41 – Eight of Pentacles

Let’s get practical.  This card is all about practice, mastery, skill.

Rather than talk about visuals or keywords I want to encourage you to embody this.


Exercise 41

  • Make some tea/ coffee/ a smoothie.
  • Take your deck.
  • Practice shuffling.
  • Practice placing cards.
  • Do “imaginary” readings: read for Jane Eyre, Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin, Frank Sinatra.
  • Flip a card over and tell a story from the picture, repeat with two cards, like frames in a cartoon.
  • Get out the court cards and interview them in your own TV chat show.


One response to “Lesson 41 – Eight of Pentacles”

  1. I love the idea for doing imaginary readings on characters for practice!

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