Lesson 42 – Nine of Pentacles

Firstly, a moment.  Take three slow deep breaths.  Place your feet gently on the floor.  Listen to this and feel life return.


I have a sense of free wheeling down hill as we approach the end of the pips for this suit.  If working with numbers then this card is the end of the third mini-cycle.

My cards show older people: one deep in meditation in a stone circle, another standing serenely in a field of lavender, a third gently tending a garden, a wild bird seated on her shoulder. This harmony, the sense of mastery seems to flow from the apprenticeship of the Eight.  These cards show people with the wisdom and knowledge to bring growth, to bring to harvest, a flowering, a flourishing.  There is patience too, and the grace that comes only with time and years.  No more rushing, time for tasting and enjoyment, the rest and refreshment of hard work rewarded.  Unconscious competence.

Exercise 42

  • Where in life are you unconsciously competent? If you aren’t sure maybe others can tell you (often we can’t see the things we do well without effort, making the assumption that effort equals excellence).
  • What would flourishing look like for you at the moment?
  • If you can sit outside at the next full moon and allow yourself to connect with the earth, if it’s possible sit on the ground and allow yourself to be held by the earth.  Stay until you forget time and can feel the bone deep throb of the planet’s heart beat. This is the slow beat of grace.


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