Lesson 44 – Page of Pentacles

These next few lessons are pure practical…


Exercise 44.

  • Sit your Page of Pentacles card in front of you.
  • If this card was a person what would they be like?  For me they are pre-adolescent.  Still innocent.  Still able to be captivated by wonder, but without self-consciousness.
  • What do you want them to teach you?
  • What do they have to show you?
  • Take the Page of Pentacles with you today.  Imagine them with you as you go out and about.  What do they notice.  Remember they are an “earth” card.  Is it the ladybird on the nettles by the roadside?  The crane on the building site?  The tractor in the field?  Are they caught up with fashioning a model from unbent paperclips at your desk?  What can you join them in?  Savouring your lunch, sneaking a cheeky cake-break on the way home from work?  Enjoying five-frantic minutes on the trampoline at the end of the day.
  • Go play.

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