Lesson 45 – Knight of Pentacles

Here she comes, the Knight of Pentacles.  Jeans, scuffed Converse, dirt under her finger nails.  She’s been working on her motorbike today.  Last week she was making banners for that conservation protest march, tomorrow she will be down cooking breakfast at the homeless shelter.  There is raw energy here, determination, and the unpredictability of adolescent mood swings.  Idealism.  Passion. Drive.  The energy of charging forwards, sometimes without the checks and balances that may come with more years lived. Being a Pentacle she is practically minded, interested in real-world problems and solutions, keen to get out and run, climb, swim, to make a difference through activism, the one ready to host the parties, build the tree house, turn up at 2 a.m. with emergency chocolate…


Exercise 45

  • Sit with your Knight card, share a coffee/ tea/ milkshake…
  • What does he/ she have to tell you about life now?
  • How do they see your life as you are living it?
  • What can you tell them about your own “knight” years?
  • What aspect of the Knight of Pentacles in your own character can you harness to bring about positive changes?

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