Lesson 46 – Queen of Earth

I like this card.  This is who I aspire to be in the tarot.  I do this when I host a family meal, or tend the seedlings in the greenhouse; when I prepare for a healing session or create a potion or crystal grid to bring comfort and support.

Rooted, grounded, a matriarch or crone, the one who tends the hearth, stirs the pot, grows the vegetable garden, tends herbs.  The one who has a hearty meal ready and can accommodate unexpected guests, who is there to offer healing while all the time staying centred.  One who listens to the rhythms of the natural world and allows them to steer her path.  Perhaps she is crafty, a potter, or weaver.  Perhaps she knows the secret of getting hens to lay or the best time to plant beans.  Maybe she knows the secrets of birth or death: a priestess, but practical.


Exercise 46

  • Whatever your own gender identity how can you embody the Queen of Earth/ Pentacles today?
  • What would she be like as a friend?
  • What can she teach you?
  • If you’re inspired to take some action, creating, tending, finding a practical expression of this energy, come and share in the group.

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