Lesson 47 – King Pentacles

Settle down lovely ones. Notices first in today’s class.  I’ve posted this in the group but wanted to flag it up here too, in case you’re new to school and missed the earlier posting.  This is a self-paced class.  If you’re just finding us now then scroll back to Lesson One and jump in there, read the post, and then do as much or as little of the suggested practices as works for you.  There are no deadlines, tarot is a journey and evolves as you do, your life informs your tarot practice and study, and vice versa.  If you would like to share about your journey or ask questions then you can join the group, and I will pick it up there.

So now, get comfortable, and let’s take a pause.  We are finishing our journey through the Pentacles today.  We’ve considered the elemental aspect of this suit, and how these cards speak of our daily experiences in relation to practicalities, our health, work, finances and so forth.


I’m working from the King of Earth in The Wanderers Tarot, a man stands in silhouette on a hill watching the sun rise.  He looks like master of all he surveys.  Perhaps it is his lands that he watches over, perhaps, in some way, he is the mirror of the sun, providing life, warmth, strength for his tribe.

To me he looks like a farmer, a steward and guardian of the land, one who knows the earth; what will grow and thrive, one who can listen to the wisdom of weather and wild things and use these to produce an abundant harvest. If we sat down with him, around a fire, steaming mugs of coffee in our hands, he would be able to tell us about being rooted in our own place and space, the importance of listening to our bodies and the natural world, of good nutrition and healthful exercise.

If he were a tree I imagine him as an oak, deeply rooted in the earth.


Exercise 47

  • Take a medicine walk, notice what grows where you live, what do these plants teach you.  Observe any birds or creatures you see, wild or domesticated.  Notice the weather.  The world is our teacher.  Share photos of what you find in the group.
  • How deeply are you rooted in your physical space? Even if it is a temporary location, how can you root for the duration of your stay?
  • Take a health check; how’s your sleep pattern, fluid intake, nutrition? Is there one healthful change you can make?

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