Lesson 51 – Two of Swords

Ironically today’s post came to me as I sat in an actual schoolroom.  The students were taking tests and while I was supporting there was time to look out at the trees coming into leaf and the coolness of May sunshine and picture the two of swords.


Let us begin with a traditional image (indicates PowerPoint presentation at the front of our imaginary classroom.) What do you notice?  Yes,  woman, seated.  Yes, two swords, crossed in front of her.  A blindfold, yes.  That she is sitting in front of a body of water.  Good.

What do we think this can teach us, when we turn this card up in a reading for ourselves, or someone else how would we read it?

I feel like there is some Hanged Man energy here, suspension, waiting, poise before action, consideration.  Also a visual echo of the Justice card, blindfolded, swords.  I have always read this card as the need to pause before action,  as about choices, and even about knowing a  choice and needing to make it, rather than keep on waiting.

Until this morning I didn’t put myself in the card.  Imagine you are sat on this seat, blindfolded,  holding two swords crossed, perfectly still.

The first thing I sense is discomfort,  the physical effort of remaining poised while holding two swords in such a controlled fashion.  My arms are already aching.  The second thing I am aware of is the blindfold.  I can’t see.  Maybe I literally can’t see the wood for the trees.  Maybe this is not a positive waiting, but a stalemate, I can’t do anything about it, you see, because I have to hold these swords here.

Wrong! I had a real sense of needing to get out of my own way when I was staring out of the window earlier.  Who says you have to do it this way?  Put down the swords.  Take off the blindfold.  Stretch.  Get on with it. There is a time to reflect, to pause, to suspend action in order to make a wise choice.  But if not careful this can become an escape, a safe place, the waiting room for the rest of our lives.  Take a deep breath.  Choose one of your options.  Move on.

Exercise 51

  • How do you feel about waiting? Do you tend to be impulsive and jump at the first option, or agonize over choices?
  • Try sitting in this pose, eyes covered or closed, holding two wooden spoons crossed across your body.  Does this physical practice tell you anything else about how you will read this card (feel free to wait until there’s no-one else home **winks**).

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