Lesson 52 – Three of Swords

Enter in silence today.  Take your seat without a word.  This is hallowed ground.

The heartbreak card.

three of swords

You know what this feels like; raw, torn open, the rage, the chest-tearing pain, the cried- out exhaustion, the sleepless nights.

I’m not going to tell you what this card “means”. When you pull this you, or the person you’re reading for, will likely know what it refers to.  Some cards represent this as a card of retreat, and this is often needed to restore the soul after this level of loss.

Remember bereavements can take many forms, be gentle with yourself, compassionate.

Tread lightly.  Give yourself time.

Exercise 52

  • If you relate to this card at present, for any reason, allow yourself some space and grace for healing.
  • Imagine a spirit guide or angel coming to you and oh-so-gently removing each of these swords from your heart, and afterwards soothing the wounds with herbs and balm.
  • I read recently that grief does not leave us, it is the price we pay for love.  If you grieve deeply, you have loved deeply.  Breath in.  Breathe out.
  • I asked my guides recently about someone I love who is very sick.  They were silent for a long time.  Then they told me this: “Afterwards, when this is all over, you will not face a barren wasteland…But it will be winter for a long time.” It takes time.

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