Lesson 53 – Four of Swords

We are all tired today.  You can feel it in the room. People are washed out after the power of the three.  We are moving slowly, survivors, supporting each other.  There’s plenty of tea today and we are taking time to enjoy the quiet and bring ourselves gently back.


This card for me is about taking a break.  We’ve already been through a hell of a journey in the first three cards of this suit.  Time to refresh before the next cycle.  Stop.  If you can (I confess I find this really hard) switch off your brain.  Some folk find meditation helpful.  I’m better with a flow activity, such as colouring, gardening or walking.

More than anything I feel like this card asks us to have a rest from ideas.  Maybe a break from the internet and all the additional chatter it brings.  Maybe a pause in projects.  A mini-retreat (even 24 hours) can make a huge difference.

Exercise 53

  • Write yourself a permission slip to take a break.
  • Plug back into the pentacles energy for some grounded and flowing activity to give your mind a rest.
  • Get extra rest; my favourite recipe, bed socks, an early night, hot drink and a good book.


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