Lesson 54 – Five of Swords


This card to me is arguments and clashes of ideas.  The image in the Gaian Tarot of a group of eagles fighting makes me think of too much noise and too many claws.  A he said/ she said, catty, name-calling, angry, jarring, scratchy feeling.  It’s a war of words, “does the honourable gentleman”, tit-for-tat, social media back-biting, and one more thing so I can get my oar in and have the last word.  Not a comfortable place.  Not our finest hour.

It’s also this on the inside.  Me at war with myself, an argument in my head I can’t settle.  Old ideas putting me down, setting my peace of mind ablaze. The inability to let it lie, to accept a change of situation or ideas, to accomodate, to compromise, to seek balance.  I don’t like conflict, so to me this is a “bad” card, I avoid these kind of situations like the plague.

Though really there are no “bad” cards.  Just images, symbols, thoughts.  The strength int his card is creative differences, a struggle from which collaboration births new work, without the disagreement there is no resolution.

Exercise 54

Journalling or art journalling…

Into the cards…

  • If you stood in the five of swords how would you sort it out?
  • What would these characters say to you?
  • How does it feel when you enter the scene?
  • How does the conversation/ action unfold?
  • What is the end result?
  • Think about this card in context, between the four and the six.  What came immediately before…a time-out, a rest, quiet as the grave.  Where is this sharp, sword energy having a positive impact?

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