We’ve been immersed for a while now in study, so I’m calling off class for today.  Brew up, break out your cards and have a play.

Go back to look at some of the ideas in Lesson 7 to have some creative time with your deck. These cards are your friend, enjoy their company.

If you haven’t already (note to self) carry out the new deck interview (from Beth Maiden) with any new tarot decks to find out how they want to work with you…

The new deck interview

Take all your sword pip (number) cards. Set them out in three row of three with the ten underneath the middle column at the bottom.

  • What can you see?
  • What patterns emerge, what connections?
  • Look along each row, down each column and on the diagonals?
  • Are there themes that you don’t see when you think of them as a one to ten progression?
  • Repeat with your wands…

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