Time for a little more summer fun.  By way of revision of the Major cards, and also further exploration of how these crop up in daily life, and to work with your own understandings of the Major Arcana…a tarot challenge.

Lessons will continue but alongside these the following is offered as a daily reflective practice.

tea break tarot majors challenge

For each of the next 22 days take one of your major cards in order.  Remind yourself of the images and symbols which resonated for you.  Now go out into the world and about your daily business and see if you can spot anything which resonates with that card.  Take a snap and post it to Instagram or FB with the #teabreak22majors.

teabreak 22 tarot challenge daily prompts

I’ll be posting daily cards on my IG page and will also be posting in the Facebook group for Tea-break Tarot School, drop by and join us if you haven’t already.

If you feel inspired to create something linked to the card, or dress up and take a tarot selfie of yourself as a character from the card that’s great too; it’s about drawing those images, symbols and meanings into everyday life and allowing them, in turn, to inform our understanding of the cards and tarot as a system.

And most of all have fun, enjoy this way of playing with tarot. Let the games begin!


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