Lesson 55 – Six of Swords

Grab your shoes, a backpack and some sandwiches, we’re heading outside today.

This card takes us on a journey.  In the traditional RWS a man steers a punt with two cloaked figures towards a distant shore.  In the Green Witch a river ferry shows a man and horse traversing the stream.  In the Everyday Witch a traveller looks over her shoulder at you as her and her companions journey quietly through the night.  The element of water reminds us of the depths of the subconscious which we travel in order to know ourselves and our shadows better.

canoe 2

The message in this card indicates we’re going places.  Not necessarily where we thought, not necessarily in broad daylight, it may not be an easy journey, but we’re going anyway.  It may indicate travel in real terms, a holiday, business trip, house move.  Often it’s about a journey within, from one state of mind to another, from one belief to a new one; the soul’s quest for self-knowledge and liberation.

Exercise 55

  • If you’re able to take a hike in an unknown area (obviously taking all necessary safety precautions).  The sense of walking unfamiliar paths can be unsettling. Following a map in my own country often means locating rarely used footpaths and steering by landmarks where the signs have been covered by undergrowth.  It is an uneasy experience when you don’t know if you’re on the right path, or where the path you are on will lead…
  • Draw your own “map” of where you have been in the past year and where you are now…where do you think you’re headed?  How do you know?



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