Lesson 56 – Seven of Swords

An atmosphere of suspicion haunts us today.  A sense that something is amiss, but the feeling that we can’t work out what.  There are glances.  An air of suspense.


The Seven of Swords brings this feeling.  This card shows me people sneaking, being underhand, looking pleased with themselves, keeping secrets. It is suspicion, dirty dealing, it is underhand, and breeds insecurity and uncertainty.  It is the sense of dis-ease that comes to us out of the blue.  That which makes our neck prickle and leaves us feeling on edge.   When it comes up be aware of hidden energies and motivations; what is not being said, what is hiding beneath the surface?  Check-in with your shadow self, what is hiding out of sight that needs attention?

Exercise 56

  • Can you locate this feeling of dis-ease?  Where do you sense it, in your shoulders, your neck, the pit of your stomach?
  • How can you keep your communication clear?
  • How can you ensure you are honest and authentic with others, even when you’re not sure that is returned?
  • If you’re aware of this sense of “off” energy in your home or work space then clearing space can help; try using a lit incense stick, clapping or choose a few clear quartz crystals clear the energy.  Come and join the Facebook group for additional support and sharing.


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