Lesson 59 – Ten of Swords


This card though.  Oh boy.

I’m starting the lesson with pictures of kittens and rainbows to settle everyone down, we’re all a little edgy.  There are no “bad” cards in tarot, cards are just cards.  But if you use them daily for any length of time you will come to know that this card often reflects challenging times.


A figure lies, pierced by ten swords, presumably dead or dying.  The swords pin them down, trap them.  In several of my cards their face is turned away, we cannot see who the victim is.

It looks like a bad news card.  It looks like rock bottom.  This is it, here I am, pierced with many swords.  That’s it.  I give up.

If you pull this in a reading for someone else it will be important to be empathetic and listen, likely they are facing difficult times.  Have tissues ready.  If you pull this card for yourself take a deep breath, it will get better…give yourself time.

But there’s another side to this card to.  Drama.  I mean, ten swords?  It’s a bit over the top, surely.  One would be enough.  Time to take a good, long and honest-as-possible look at this situation and acknowledge the contributions we are making to our own flattened state…

Exercise 59

I don’t want you to do anything exciting right now, things will likely feel like a hot mess if you pull this card.  Instead practice some self-care rituals, make a to-do list – (number one, remove swords from back). Sit quietly with a hot drink.  Pull up the drawbridge.  Let the dust settle.

Then wash your face, brush your hair…we’re going to meet royalty.


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