Lesson 60 – Page of Swords

There are a string of visitors for the next few lessons.  We’re welcoming them (of course) with tea and biscuits and enjoying some time spent in their company.


On my cards this page is usually represented as a pre-teen child.  My favourite representation is in the Gaian Tarot, where a girl stands, surrounded by a whole range of butterflies.  One sits on her hand and she is entranced.

This mental absorption, this flow, comes when we are captivated by an idea.  Not in the frantic energy of overthinking, rather it is the river-rush of fascinating ideas.  Maybe you’ve felt it in a good museum, following your nose around the exhibits, wondering what treasure lies around the next corner, enjoying learning and exploring for its own sake.

The page reminds me of children I’ve worked with in the past (hence the cardboard boxes) – the girl who comes intently seeking more masking tape for her junk model rocket, the boy who pursues an insect around the playing field like a Victorian bug-hunter because he wants to watch it more closely, my own children when they were younger, absorbed in digging a hole in the garden to create a “base”.

This energy – seen in all the Sword court cards – can inspire us, motivate us, pique our interest, shift our perspectives and cut away old thinking, helping us release and move forwards.


  • Think of yourself at “page” age…what fascinated and absorbed you?  Can you find a way to reconnect to this?
  • Make a baking soda volcano (Mentoes and Coke work too, though stand well back).
  • Watch ants at work.
  • Build a junk model (if you do this one please post a picture in the group!)
  • Hold a conversation in your astral space with this page…what does s/he have to teach you about your life now?

Feel free to stop by the group to share your tarot journey, ask questions and share your wisdom; be great to meet you.

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