Lesson 61 – Knight of Swords

Well this one is taking no prisoners.  She strides into class, slightly aloof, she’s wearing a T-Shirt from the last protest march she attended.  Welcome the Knight of Swords.


In my cards this is usually an adolescent figure.  They may have books around them, they are likely holding a sword.  This to me feels a bit risky (my school teacher head is already thinking of health and safety and cautionary warnings).   In readings this card can represent a person of that age or it can indicate the energy of the Knight; charging forwards into action (sometimes a bit reckless but good at supporting us to clear blockages).

When I was preparing for this post I realised I know this knight.  Fourteen years old and already a head taller than me.  She is an activist, principled, thoughtful and reflective, if she’s not campaigning or attending a science fair she’ll have her nose in a book or be working on a project.  She can be a little intimidating but this comes because she is so certain of herself and her own values.

Knight energy is great to get us out of a rut, reminding us of our own warrior self (in the most positive sense) – fighting for justice, for equality, for the underdog, believing our actions make a difference and getting stuck in to bringing that into reality.

Exercise 61

  • When you were a teenager what were the topics which inspired you to action (e.g. animal rights, the enviornment, womens’ equality).
  • In visualisation meet this Knight and allow them to take you back to that time in your life, reconnect to your own “Knight” – what do they have to tell you and how can they help you in your life now?
  • If you feel inspired find a topic of concern to you now and get campaigning!


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