Lesson 63 – The King of Swords

We’re reaching the end of our journey through the swords today.  It feels like it’s been  a long path, with plenty of challenges along the way.  This card is the summation of the suit in one sense, the reason for the journey.  A card of mastery and competence.


I’m using three cards today.  In the Rider-Waite Smith deck I see a man seated.  He is dressed in robes of pale blue, orange and purple.  His head is coverd with a read cowl and he wears a golden crown.  Beneath his feet is a patch of green grass which seems to be on top of a  hill or rise in the ground.  In his right hand he holds a sword.  Above his head, on the seat are carvings of butterflies.  In the background are trees and clouds.

In the Steam Punk tarot a man stands in front of a bookcase.  A sheathed sword is on the shelf behind him, as is a model ship and several large books or files.  A globe stands to his right.  In his hand he holds a ledger and a pen.  He is an older man and is looking out of the card at the viewer.

In the Green Witch tarot an older man sits at a table.  In his right hand is a knife, in his left a letter, sealed with wax,  on the table are papers, an ink pot and quill.  Behind him is a window with curtains open.  There are shelves stacked with parchments above the desk.


These images speak to me of mastery, of power earned through hard work, of knowledge and wisdom.  They suggest to me success in business, public achievements, but well-earned and continually worked at.  I imagine this person (whatever gender) as perhaps a CEO of a company or an academic/ professor. This card in a reading would mean for me successful achievement in the sphere of learning or imagination, traditionally it might also represent an older man for you/your querent.  The King of Swords says to me, yes, I’ve done well, but I worked hard,  all the way up from the bottom, I persevered, I faced my doubts, my weaknesses, my shadows and came through it all, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

Exercise 63

  • Look at your card in detail.  Describe what you see, only the details, not your interpretation.
  • Now put yourself into the card.  You are the King of Swords.  Look at the scene around you.  How do you feel?  Imagine what has brought you to this point of success and confident competence.
  • Where in your life would you like to embody the King of Swords energy?


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