Practicum play

I’ve posted this in the Facebook group (come and join us!) but thought it would be worth putting it out here as well.

I thought I’d try a game of tarot consequences. Today I’m using the Everyday Witch tarot.

I pulled one card at a time until there were six…it went something like this:
“Bob, the world famous crystal ball reader,

Con 1

met Cassie, the famous game show star,

Con 2

at a yoga retreat in Boca Raton.

Con 3

He said ‘let me help you with all those brooms

Con 4

and she said ‘thanks because I want to practice my escapology’

Con 5

and the consequence was she found the force and became a Jedi”.

Con 6
It might feel a bit random at first, the idea is just to flow with what comes rather than worrying about traditional meanings. This would also make a great game for tarot practice with a partner, taking it in turns to pull cards. Have fun!

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