Reading Rituals

I wrote a little about this way back in Lesson 2 but I thought it would be good to share my own, current, ritual (it is ever evolving).

We live in a shared house, so the space I have available to read in can vary.  As a result I’ve chosen to have a small basket containing all that I need to create a portable reading space and set the scene for readings.

Firstly I set out my cloth, usually on the floor (I like to sit cross-legged).

Next I lay out some special objects I find helpful.  There’s my Tarot goddess (from Brigid’s Grove), a candle and a selection of crystals to support work with intuition and connecting with guidance including opalite, fluorite and angelite.




I decided that I wanted something specific to wear while I’m reading.  For me this helps create the mindset I need and I opted for a triple goddess mala I got from Sabrina at Lindenherz Creations.


I place the decks I’m going to be using on the altar cloth and then use an aura spray (I like to make my own) to clear the space energetically and create a “clean” working environment.

Last, but not at all least, I centre myself and invite my guides and angels in to work with me on the reading.


The process of setting up the space, this simple, physical ritual, not only creates a place, but also sets the tone energectically and spiritually for the reading.  Finally I light the candle and it’s time to get shuffling!

I hope this is helpful, any questions or comments please do drop by the group to chat and for extra tarot goodness.


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