Rest and Review

Here in England, as I write, it is the start of the school summer holidays.  This seems like a good time to review our journey so far.


Firstly if you’ve worked through the lessons so far, thank you for staying with me, cookies are at the front of class.

Secondly a couple of practical exercises.  Take out all your major cards and arrange them in three row of seven.  Remind yourself of the Fool’s journey.

Repeat this with your Pentacles cards and your Swords.

Next take your Magician card (number 1) and place it with the Ace of Pentacles and Swords.  Look for similarities and connections.  Repeat this for other pip cards as time permits, once you get to the 10 you are both completing the cycle and beginning again (by adding the digits 1 + 0 =1).

Finally lay out the two rows of court cards.  Look for similarities and differences.  What would it be like if these were two families out for a day trip or sharing a barbecue.  How would the dynamics work (or not!)


Now take a deep breath and acknowledge and celebrate your own journey as you unlock your diviner’s skills.

You are divine.

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