Fire starter.

The class is gathering today for a practical activity.  We’re casually dressed and there’s an array of craft tools and supplies spread out around the room.

The suit of Wands is our next area of study.  Linked to the element of fire and the cardinal direction south, wands represent the “divine spark” within us, the passions and fires which fuel, inspire and, at times, drive us.

This is what gives us “energy” and where our zest for life flows from.  In balance this is the nourishing fire of creativity, the warmth of an animated conversation with like-minded souls, the deep, slow burn of good sex.  Out of balance it is overwork, frantic, scorched to cinders, burn out.


To prepare for this next topic I’d like you to make a wand.

You might want to find a suitable piece of wood and whittle it clean, fix it with ribbons and feathers, or mark it with runes,  you might want to roll a piece of newspaper tight and glue it with sequins and glitter.  You might decide your wand is a wooden spoon from the kitchen or a biro from the desk, which you bless and decorate in some way to show it is special.  Whatever feels good for you.  I’d love to see your creations, so feel free to share in the group.

When you’re done practice waving your wand, like Harry Potter when he goes to Olivander’s wand shop.  Feel the energy, the creativity, the life force, the fiery energy.

Carry this with you as we move forwards.

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