Lesson 64 – Ace of Wands

Welcome back, after our “between the suits” break it’s good to see you again.  Get up to anything fun?


Here we are at another beginning.

In the Aces I have in front of me today I can see:

  • In the Crow Tarot a crow  perched atop a wand in front of what looks like a golden road or river.
  • In the Wildwood Tarot I see a bow with an arrow set against a log where it has been used to create fiction and start a fire.
  • I see, in the Sun and Moon tarot, a burning torch.
  • In the Rider-Waite a giant hand emerges from clouds holding a budding branch.

To my mind these speak of beginnings, possibility, fire, divine spark, the place of the divine in our creative drives (the “divine spark”) and openings.

The Ace of Wands is the spark which lights the fire of inspiration, passion, hope, imagination in our lives.  Symbolically Wands are linked with the element of Fire and the Cardinal Direction of South. The Ace of Wands is the thrill in the pit of your stomach when you are inspired about a new creative project, the whisper which sets you off on a hitherto unimagined path, it is the touch paper to the firework, the match to the piece of paper.  When I see this card in a reading I get really excited about what is coming next, but I also know that with a lot of fire, comes a lot of heat and while that creates energy and power, it can also get a little too hot, before we reach the end of the cycle we might get our fingers burned or feel some level of overwhelm.

But for now, enjoy the beauty of this bright flame as it curls and dances, full of promise.

Exercise 64

  • Study your Ace of Wands card.  How has the artist represented this energy in your deck/s?
  • What is it that creates this energy for you?  What is the thing which really motivates you?  For me it is any creative project from planting seeds, to baking cakes, to making art and writing.  What “lights you up” when you think about it and share it with others?
  • Connect to that feeling and explore it as representing the Ace of Wands energy.

2 responses to “Lesson 64 – Ace of Wands”

  1. I randomly found your page/blog through different searches and clicks and wow. You have a to the point, simple, yet creative way to explain how to explore each card. Thank you, I was getting really bored with the same generalizations over and over again, yearning for a better way to explore for myself without reading another 30page chapter for each card lol.


    1. Thank you Patience, I’m glad it resonates for you. Come and join the Facebook group, you’d be very welcome x


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