Lesson 65 – Two of Wands


Let’s get started.  There’s an energy in the room today, a crackling heat, can you feel it?

Take your two of wands (or several if you have more than one deck) set them out.

What do you notice?

I see two crows, each holding a carved wand in their beaks.  They cross and at the point where they meet sits the earth, suspended in space.

I see a man, holding a globe in his hand, between two wooden poles, staring out across a landscape of mountains and water.

I see a man standing on a mountain top, wild and wind blown between poles wreathed in flame with flame around him.

I see a man and woman, holding each other with one arm and holding a flaming torch in the other, staring into each other’s eyes.

There is fire here.  Strength.  Mastery. Determination. Power.  There is will.

In the positioning of the two poles in some of the cards I also see the image of a doorway, a portal.

A card of confidence, commitment, inner fire; for me the Two of Wands tells me I have the power within to “make it so”, that the gateway is here, ready for me to enter, to step through and release the transforming power of fire into water I am seeking to birth.

Fire is a force to be reckoned with, but in this card we can see that it is our ally, in the alchemy of transformation.

Exercise 65

  • Imagine the story of the figures in your two of wands card.  What brought them to this point?  What are they about to create?
  • What are you longing to bring into reality?  A project, a change in lifestyle or attitude? What does the Two of Wands teach you about this process?
  • Work with the energy of the Two of Wands if you are seeking to boost your confidence, for instance when attending an interview.


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