Lesson 66 – Three of Wands

Can you feel it? An increasing heat, the growth of energy and possibility as we complete the first triad in this suit? It’s electric.

three candles

My cards show figures with three wands or staves or (in the Sun and Moon Tarot) someone juggling flaming torches.

To my mind this is a card of fulfilment and preparation.  After the idea of the Ace and the stolid mastery of the Two here we stand with our three wands.  For me the Rider-Waite image is potent.  A figure (could it be the man we saw in the Two?) looks out over an ocean where a fleet of sailing ships can be seen.  I wonder if these are his ships, off to travel the world and bring back goods from far flung places.  He has his back to the viewer, but there are three budding staves around him.  Now he could hold one in each hand, but there would still be the third left.

In a reading I would see this as an encouraging card.  You’re in a good place to move ahead with projects if the Three of Wands comes to visit and if the question you asked was more closed then I would see this as a “Yes”.  The three staves/ wands/ fire sticks make me think of abundance, more than is needed.  Also of an abundance achieved through effort, through expending our energy.  Additionally I see strength in the three…there’s  a verse in the Bible which says that a rope made of three cords is hard to break…there is a solidity in three, a power, and here with the power of three and the fire of the wands suit is a combination of strength and energy.

Exercise 66

  • Find your Three of Wands card, note any symbols or images which are particularly striking for you.  What would you ask this card and it’s characters if you could?  What would it answer?
  • Get creative – weave a “witches’ ladder” plaiting together three cords as you whisper an intention about a creative project or plan.  You can thread in beads, feathers or shells, whatever you have.  Hang your ladder somewhere safe and allow it to dance in the breeze to send its magic out into the universe.

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