Lesson 67 – Four of Wands

You walk in to class today and there’s music playing


You can’t help it, you start tapping your feet, others are already up and dancing between the desks.  There are balloons around the room, paper cups for tea and cookies with Smarties on them.

This is the spirit of the Four of Wands to me.  Celebration! The completion of a cycle, the joy that comes with rites of passage, achievements, weddings, initiations, new baby gatherings, thanksgivings and seasonal festivals, graduations, promotions, making it out of bed in the morning with your game face on and getting out of the door on time.

My cards show parties, weddings,  a chuppah, pictures of friends partying above a roaring fire.

To me this is an unequivocally positive card, it’s a big old yes, like the universe giving me a gentle nod of approval.

I will be uploading a certificate to celebrate your unique brand of wonderful in the Facebook group, it would be great to see you there.


Exercise 67

  • Use the affirmation: “I celebrate my own unique brand of awesome.”
  • What would your ideal celebration/ party look like?  How would it feel? Who would you invite (anyone you like from your “real” life, celebrities, historical figures…)?  What band would you have playing? What food?  Where would you hold it?
  • What are your favourite seasonal celebrations?
  • How might you bring a little celebration into each day?


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